best methods to learn Chinese characters

I’m learning Chinese at beginner level and I really struggle when it comes to learning Chinese characters by heart.

How to learn the character?

I think at the beginning, it is to make a story for each character and that can make you interested in it very well and it can help your learning easily. But when you have learn more than 200 characters, this way is not the best way and you’d better know how to write the characters, the order and the mearning for each part.

I learn new 5 words with characters write every day and all time repeat characters with I learn in past.

I think its wrong to learn chinese language and dont learn Chinese characters how write. Yes, its much longer but its right. I have only one problem, I dont know how to pronunciation right some words. I have teacher, I learn chinese on-line.

As you begin to learn Chinese characters, you will find that Chinese characters play an important part. But for many learners, they think the Chinese characters are hard to learn with its written structure and Pinyin. Actually, the Chinese characters are all formed according to a set of rules.

The structure of the Chinese characters is divided into two main types-single characters and compound characters. There are also different forms of compound characters such as the left-right structure, up-down structure, half-encircled structure and so on. You should be clear about these rules of Chinese characters, and then learning Chinese characters will be much easier.

I heard a method that you can watch a flash with the expression of how the real things like a fish become a word” 鱼” it’s interesting and easy for the foreigners to learn chinese. But I can not find some educational material like that. Maybe it will appear later.

Just learning the Kanji without Context won’t do you any good, you will have problems memorizing if you learn them totally out of context.

If I were you, I’d get myself a self-study book on Chinese and start with the simple lessons, both learning language and the Kanji at the same time. Keep also in mind that you will !not! learn to use the Kanji if you don’t master one of the transscription systems (I’d recommend pin’yin).

While you learn simple Chinese words, also try to learn and memorize the Kanji being used in thes sentences so that you are able to say what you read and to write what you say.

As for the actual memorization of the character – the keyword to that is “repetition”. You have to be disciplined enough to repeat your vocabulary EVERY day, if possible. Just going through your cards or lists once a week won’t yield much results.

Now for the actual learning process: Some prefer learning with paper cards – you know, writing the chinese character on the one side and the reading and meaning of this character on the other. Personally, I prefer learning with vocabulary programs.

The program I use, Anki, essentially works the same way those cards do; you’re being asked a meaning or a character, write that down, then look up the solution and then rate yourself. The program then schedules the repetition cycle of that card, this means, that, based on your rating of your own knowledge, it calculates when you’re being asked that card again. I am using that program for almost a year for learning Japanese now and I can only recommend you to have a look at it – the name of this program is Anki.

I’m fond of Chinese characters. They are so interesting and beautiful. And I have learned many Chinese characters in eChineseLearning’s dictionary which is so useful.


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